This ain’t rock n’ roll. This is genocide. 


Bob Dylan. Paul McCartney. Neil Young. Elvis Presley. John Lennon. Morrissey. Nick Cave. Mick Jagger. Bruce Springsteen. Leonard Cohen. 

10 greats of music. 10 giants. 
I can’t help thinking that, if he’d wished, Bowie could have done a fair approximation of any of their musical styles (and often he did). 

But none of them could ever do Bowie. 

Listen to Hunky Dory. Listen to Young Americans. Listen to Low. Listen to Let’s Dance. Listen to Outside. Listen to Blackstar. 

Such variety. 

Think of any other artist that has recorded half a dozen great albums in such different musical styles. 

Any of the above?


That’s why Bowie is the greatest. 


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